Mazzucato V.I.P T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

Mazzucato VIP

Your Mazzucato V.I.P discount code allows you 30% off, or 15% of the full price of a RIM Sport, RIM Monza and RIM Scuba watches, plus 10% off of the full price of a RIM GT watch. You must have purchased a full-price watch after 08/03/2022, in order to qualify for the Mazzucato V.I.P discount code. Our Mazzucato V.I.P loyalty programme has two tiers. 

Tier 1: Purchase a RIM GT to get 15% off of the Scuba, Monza or Sport & 10% off of the RIM GT for life.

Tier 2: Purchase a RIM Sport, Monza or Scuba to get 30% off of the Monza, Sport or Scuba & 10% off of the RIM GT for life.

Your personal discount code will be sent to you via email once you have purchased a watch & created an account which will enter you automatically into the Mazzucato V.I.P loyalty programme. You can view your personal discount code by logging in and visiting the My Account page.

How to claim your lifetime discount:

Step 1: Sign up for a Mazzucato account, if you don’t have one.
Step 2: Purchase a Mazzucato timepiece.
Step 3: Receive an email from our Mazzucato V.I.P Loyalty Programme.
Step 4: Log in to your account to see your unique code.