RIM GT Collection

Our Rim GT collection represents the union of two of Simone’s great passions: supercars and watches.

It is Italian sports cars that best represent the combination of Italian style and the most advanced mechanical engineering.

At first glance, it’s easy to see that the shapes of the skeletonized dial of this model are clearly inspired by the design of the most modern Italian sports cars.

Mazzucato Rim GT watch is made of 316L stainless molybdenum-alloyed steel. Simone has chosen this material because of its high resistance and reliability and handles exceptionally well in marine environments. Therefore, corrosion is no longer a problem.

Mazzucato’s creations our proud to be “Never Boring”. In fact, each watch is designed to stand out from all the timepieces already on the market. Thanks to this unique and futuristic design, but at an affordable cost, the watches designed by Simone are distributed and sold all over the world.

The glass is probably the first thing you notice in a watch. It is the first layer of the watch face and is also first in line to get hit by anything your watch comes in contact with. For this reason, the Mazzucato Rim GT uses a very durable material, namely K1 glass. This consists of a treated glass in order to increase its resistance to shocks and scratches.

The glass of each Mazzucato Rim GT is treated with a double layer of anti-reflective coating. This treatment ensures a high transparency of glass and allows an effective readability of the dial from any angle.

The dial of the Mazzucato Rim GT is perhaps the component that most characterizes this watch. This dial is made of aluminum and is then anodized to obtain the desired color. This construction requires high precision and no errors are tolerated.

The rubber straps of the Mazzucato Rim GT are composed of the FKM polymer. This material is the most valuable on the market and guarantees a long product life. The strap consists of two different colors that are joined together. This technique is particularly complex and requires high precision and skill.

Each RIM GT is supplied in a modern style box that incorporates the iconic closure of Mazzucato watches. Nothing is left to chance, every detail is given the upmost care to offer the customers an unprecedented experience.